Stepping Up to Leadership 


President, Zonta Club of Greater Reno, Past Area Director, Lt. Governor, Governor, International Director, and International Nominating Committee

I have served in elected office at the district and international levels for a total of 10 years and found it to be among the most rewarding experiences of my life.  At each level you work with incredibly knowledgeable and talented Zontians, developing important leadership and organizational skills that will enhance your career, and cherished friendships that will last a lifetime.  You become actively engaged in running an organization that will expand your horizons and change lives.  When asked to serve, say YES!  Zonta needs you.  You will receive far more in return than you give.  I promise.


Zonta Club of Burbank Area, Past Governor


Zonta leadership offers unique opportunities for personal growth and skills development in a friendly and supportive environment. It also offers an opportunity to contribute professional skills to grow and strengthen a volunteer organization. Each of us contribute in different ways. Pulling together we keep Zonta thriving and relevant and growing. Zonta leaders benefit from a wide-range of rewards including friendships with other like-minded professionals in communities and countries far from our own, as well as travel to places we might not otherwise get too. Serving as a leader enriches your Zonta membership experience


Zonta Club of Leilehua, Past Governor

(808) 200-5984   Cell (775) 530-0658



WHO? ME?  Remember when you became a Zonta member and went through your induction ceremony? As part of that ceremony, you heard that “Membership in Zonta is an honor and a privilege.  It is also a responsibility.” Additionally, you were told “if called upon for leadership responsibilities, you are expected to serve enthusiastically.” You sealed the deal by saying, “I pledge myself to uphold and practice the ideals of Zonta International.”

That pledge means no one should say “NO” to the Nominating Committee! But it’s easy to decline an invitation to run for office… “I don’t have the _____.” Fill in the blank with “time” or “family support” or “name recognition” or “public speaking skills” or, or, or…

BUT, if you decline, you will miss learning more about this amazing organization we belong to! You will miss getting to know fellow Zontians. You might even miss personal growth opportunities you didn’t know you needed!

Don’t just sit there – help improve our organization by running for office.

Is it all going to be easy and pleasant? Not necessarily! But is it going to be unimaginably rewarding? ABSOLUTELY!

If you would like a mentor, let me know!

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