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Saturday October 5 2019

  Session A       1:40 - 2:30      



Personality Assessment With Analysis     PART 1 - Beth Holiday

  Our personality and behavior color every relationship.   We communicate well with people who think and act the way we do. People who are different from us.... It's just not as easy! Using DiSC assessment techniques you'll learn:. About YOU and your behavior style. How your style positively or negatively impacts styles that are different from yours. How to adapt to communicate more effectively.


Advocacy 101 - Khara Jabola-Carolus : Head of Status of Women Service Committee 

  Training on how to effectively build power on women’s issues on the local level to affect the state and national level.    Every women has the power to be an influential advocate from wherever they live. Learn to throw your political weight around to promote women’s rights.


#metoo Testimonial Panel :Stories of Survival, Empowerment and Healing - The Honorable Judge Lisa Arin 

    The #metoo movement was founded to help survivors of sexual violence to find pathways to healing.  The #metoo hashtag in social media formats has propelled the vital conversation about sexual violence into the national and even global dialog.  Survivors have found empowerment and resources through standing up #metoo to be counted, and seeing the droves of other survivors share their stories.  During this panel discussion you will be inspired to carry on Zonta’s Vision that no woman shall live in fear of violence by hearing from survivors of sexual assault who have had the courage to stand up to their attackers, heal and move forward and make a difference for others.

  Finding Your Zonta Why - Kathleen Douglass 

  This workshop will explore Simon Sinek’s theory of the Golden Circle and how it applies to Zonta. Discover your underlying motivation as a member of Zonta  and share your passion to enrich and expand your Zonta experience. By the end of the workshop you will get ideas on how to make members feel welcomed nd included in the club and create opportunities that encourage more members to step up to leadership. 


  Avoiding Mayhem With Motions - Parliamentarian Gwen Black 

  Zonta members are strong professionals who are not afraid to speak out. Differing perspectives can lead to mahem during a meeting. 

  Parliamentary procedures help a meeting moderator (Chair) keep order and give members the equal opportunity to be heard through the use of motions. Become a master of motions in this interactive session. 





Session B 3:00 - 3:50

Using Your Personality Analysis Strengths   PART 2 - Beth Holiday

  This session is a non threatening, interactive opportunity to practice applying the skills you learned in Session One. As a group, you'll identify the various styles and internalize the impact each style has on another. Have fun in this segment while polishing your interactive skills.


Emerging Trends in Leadership Development - Brittany Vaughn 

  This workshop will examine some of the ever-changing facets of dynamic leadership including embracing a spirit of collaboration, new

  technologies and organizational accountability. It will also address how to work with and lead intergenerational Clubs. Opportunities for continued learning in the leadership sector will be presented through a discussion regarding their significance and by identifying resources to aid leadership development.


Outwit Your Attacker - Alexis Carvalho  Jui jitsu/Self defense World Champion 

  Become aware and in tune with your surroundings.  Identify behaviors that put you at risk and learn how   to affectively defend yourself against an attacker, should the need arise, using leverage and positioning, not strength.


  Legacy of an Empowered Hawaiian Princess - Kainoa Daines

  Princess Bernice Bishop was an aliʻi (noble) of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Hawaii and a well known philanthropist

  At her death, her estate was the largest private landownership in the Hawaiian Islands. The revenues from these lands have been used to operate the Kamehameha Schools, which were established in 1887, and serve children of  Hawaiian ancestry.

 Finding Your Zonta Why - Kathleen Douglass 


 (segment offered twice - see above description)

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