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Marketplace is available to all clubs and their members. Tables are $40 each. 6 foot tables with tablecloths will be provided. Clubs can sell items and their members can promote their businesses. Clubs will be able to share with sister clubs. Clubs will need to "wo"man their tables when the marketplace is open. The marketplace will be open starting Friday 7am to close of conference, except during business sessions. Email Lt. Gov Gloria @ the items that you will be selling at the Marketplace.


Silent Auction

A silent auction will be held at the Governor's Gala on Saturday evening. The auction committee is asking that each club provide at least one basket. Additional baskets will be gratefully accepted.


Donated items should be portable so those traveling can transport them. If the donation is not portable, we ask that the donor club offer to pay for shipping to the winner’s home.


The committee also requests a detailed list of donated items, total estimated market value, and name of donor club to be sent both and delores.gilmore@icloud.  Make sure you send this information no later than October 1st.  If you want to have your basket(s) shipped ahead of time, please contact Delores Gilmore, she has volunteered her home as the mailing depot.  The funds from the auction will be going offset the cost of the conference.  We will be asking the clubs to keep their baskets in their rooms until Saturday.  At this time, they can be dropped off at Producer 2/3 Ballrooms after 5pm.  We are trying to get an earlier time, stay tuned for updates.

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